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What is a Young Life Leader?

The foundation of Young Life is relationships, and Young Life leaders are at the center of that.  All of our programs exist in order to create environments where young people can connect with others--peers, caring adults, and a God who loves them.  Young Life leaders care about young people and listen to them.  They ask good questions, they create opportunities for fun and adventure, and they show up week after week.

What is Young Life Leadership?

Young Life leaders are a team of safe and trusted adults who love Christ, love young people, and are committed to showing up.  

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Showing Up

This means going where teenagers are.  Figuring out how we can be helpful, an encouragement, an empowering and welcome presence that serves young people and the community at large:  showing up in their world.

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Walking Together & Creating Community

We all need places where we belong.  Where we don't have to pretend or prove anything.  Young Life leaders create opportunities for young people to laugh, have fun, and consider life from different perspectives.

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Sharing Jesus

We believe that every kid, no matter their background, identity or beliefs, has the right to consider the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Young Life leaders are committed to building friendships with all kids, regardless of their interest in, or response to Young Life's faith component.

Come and See

In our 82 year history, its often been said that Young Life is better "caught" than "taught"  If Young Life leadership interests you, we invite you to get in touch.  We'll arrange a time for you to visit a meeting or gathering, so you can learn more.

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