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A Commitment to Transparent Care

As an organization committed to the very best in life for young people, Young Life takes seriously the work of screening, selecting, training and supervising staff and volunteers. We hold those in positions of trust and influence in the lives of participants in our programs to the highest standards of personal conduct.

We also take great care to provide training, resources and oversight to ensure that program activities—ranging from weekly gatherings during the school year to summer camping—are safe, positive experiences for all participants.

Young Life has developed mission wide policies and procedures to ensure that kids are protected when they are with Young Life staff and/or leaders as well as when kids are part of Young Life-sponsored activities. All Young Life staff and volunteer leaders go through a careful screening process that consists of an application, interview(s), and character references. Criminal background checks are completed on all staff and volunteers. All staff and volunteer leaders agree to support the Statement of Faith and Mission Purpose Statement and agree to abide by Young Life's Faith and Conduct Policies.

If you have questions about the practices and policies behind Young Life’s commitment to ensure the best possible experience for every kid, please contact us.

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Where is Young Life Active in Toronto?

Leslieville & Riverdale

Edith Nabulya 
(437) 235-5301


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Glenn Cook 
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