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July 2024

WyldLife Interest Parents Meeting

In early June, parents and other Midtown community members (including four pastors from three different Midtown churches) gathered to discuss the needs of middle school students and to learn about Young Life.  I presented what "ingredients" we would need to put together a Young Life ministry for middle students, something that we call "WyldLife."

There was a great spirit of agreement and enthusiasm in the room to collaborate together!   This summer and fall, we will work on taking the next steps forward in piloting WyldLife ministry in the Midtown area.

We have great momentum and we are still assembling the ingredients necessary to start this ministry:

  • Midtown area parents who would like to connect their middle school student with a program like WyldLife.

  • A few people who love Jesus and teenagers who would be willing to be trained to be WyldLife leaders.

  • A few people who love the mission of WyldLife who could contribute in a supportive role, called Young Life Committee.

If you fit any of the descriptions above, click the button below to be contacted about WyldLife in Midtown. And there's always a role for people who want to help and be a part of the effort, but who can only help on an occasional basis.


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