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June 2024

Growing vs. Building


As we talk about what we are attempting to do with Young Life here in Toronto, it is tempting to use the verb "build" (building a team, building a foundation), and sometimes that's appropriate.  Building projects have defined start and completion times.  With diligent work, adequate funding and labor, immense projects can be built in a relatively short amount of time.

However, I much prefer the organic term, "grow" to the mechanical,  "build."  We are seeking to "grow" a team of Young Life leaders and supporters.  We want to "grow" relationships with community leaders and parents.  Growth is dependent the mystery of the power of life.  There are ways that the organic is more fragile, but also ways in which it is more resilient, as the weeds in my driveway cracks remind me weekly.

Reflecting Reality

I prefer the organic because its a better representation of what we are actually doing.  Our upcoming parents interest meeting for Wyldlife in Midtown (see below) is a result of the slow and organic growth of connections and friendships.  And even if the meeting is wildly successful, the effort to plant a ministry for middle school students will take further time, attention and growth.  

Working with Jesus

In John 15, Jesus says that he is the vine, and his followers are the branches--an organic metaphor. As we participate in the process of calling adolescents to consider following Jesus, we believe that the process is organic from start to finish.


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